Inspirational Women Using Business to Create Positive Change

 - Feb 23, 2012
We’ve been fortunate to interview some remarkable social entrepreneurs from all over the globe since launching Their stories range from teens who knew they didn’t want to go the typical job route after graduating university (or high school, in some cases) to those who left the corporate world after they found themselves thirsting for more than just profit.

I was recently asked who I look up to—specifically who my female heroes are. My answer was that I add a new one almost every day as I learn more about female social entrepreneurs using business principles to create positive change.

Featured in the gallery above are some of the female social entrepreneurs we’ve been fortunate to connect with, who not only share where their business ideas came from and how they joined the social enterprise sector, but also how they maintain their creativity (yoga, Pinterest, family, and time in nature seem to be common themes). And the number one thing that inspires them? People. The people they work with, and the people whose lives they change as a result.