- Feb 17, 2019
These February 2019 pet trends range from stress-reducing pet mats to CBD-incorporated dog treats. Addressing pets' well-being and conditions like anxiety, products like the Hyper Pet LickiMat help to keep dogs busy for up to 30 minutes while others like ZenPup rely on CBD's healing properties. ZenPup offers CBD-infused dog treats which address a variety of concerns including anxiety, calmness and pain.

When it comes to more notable pet food and treat innovations, Best Paw Nutrition's Pure Cod Skin treats stand out. The treats feature 100% Icelandic cod and provide pets with a source of proteins and omega fatty acids. The premium treats are free from preservatives, can be enjoyed by both cats and dogs and illustrate pet owners' growing prioritization of providing their animal friends with a nutritious diet -- much like they would their children.

Basepaws' first-ever Cat DNA Test rounds off this list of February 2019 pet trends and was recently introduced at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The product mimics human genetics kits like 23andMe and instead breaks down cat origins while spotlighting common health conditions experienced by its unique breed.

From Stress-Reducing Pet Mats to CBD-Incorporated Pet Treats: