From 3D-Printed Genius Toys to Ghost-Detecting Teddy Bears

 - Feb 25, 2018
The top February 2018 toy trends aim to inspire grown-up traits in kids, including everything from inventiveness and bravery to empowerment.

To inspire creative problem solving through play, The Real Play Coalition scanned and replicated the design of Einstein's original childhood toy blocks so that they can be 3D printed and enjoyed by kids of all ages. In a similar spirit, General Mills is encouraging inventive thinking by launching a series of special-edition cereal boxes that transform into incredible Rube Goldberg machines.

Although ghosts, zombies and other creatures can induce fear in even the bravest adult, a new wave of toys for kids embraces scary themes. While the GhostStop 'BooBuddy' is equipped to detect electromagnetic fields for the purposes of tracking paranormal activity, the Tiny Epic Zombies board game is centered around getting players to survive the apocalypse. Similarly, Noises At Night is styled as an amateur detective mystery game that is set in a spooky house.