From Jalapeno Chocolate Milkshakes to Chewy Candy Slushies

 - May 15, 2015
Whether you are looking for a sugary iced coffee or a candy-filled slushie, there are plenty of zany fast food frozen beverages to help you cool off in the summertime. To the fascination of most food bloggers, it seems like there are a handful of over-the-top milkshakes being added to fast food brand menus every week, like Burger King's recently launched Red Velvet Oreo milkshake.

Sonic Drive-In has celebrated the summer season over the past few years by introducing an exciting menu of slushies and milkshakes that see the infusion of such ingredients as Nerds and Pop Rocks. Additionally, international outposts for Starbucks have been serving up indulgent Frappucinos like the Panna Cotta variety currently being offered by Starbucks Singapore.