- Nov 16, 2011
Many accessories will help you to stand out in the crowd, but nothing like these examples of extravagant headwear. The headdresses are vibrant and bold because of their large sizes and eccentric shapes. These head-turners are favorites among fashionistas who enjoy being on top of the latest trends.

Made from materials like leather, wool, plastic, textiles, metals and paper and accessorized with feathers, beads, flowers, food and laced, these pieces serve a wide range of purposes like enhancing an outfit, making a fashion statement, keeping the head warm or alerting others of your presence. A cupcake fascinator, a horned headdress or a fairytale headband are some of the outrageous headpieces that will get your attention.

For this winter and festive holidays, extravagant headwear will give you some inspiration of what to wear to keep your head in the right place.

From Parrot-Hued Headdresses to Alienesque Paper Hats: