From Roller Coaster Beds to Social Media Sleepers

 - Aug 8, 2013
When it comes to furnishing your bedroom, acquiring something that is both comfortable and stylish to sleep on is key, and these eclectic bed designs are perfectly suited for any homeowner looking to rest on something quirky and visually unique.

Beds are often a source of comfort and relaxation after a long, hard day at work, and if you're looking to choose a sleeper that is also suitable to your quirky personality, then these eclectic bed designs are just for you. Why go for an ordinary bed when you can sleep in something that pays tribute to your favorite social media network or one that is shaped like a boxing ring or a bar of chocolate?

From sofas shaped like roller coasters to those that resemble exotic outdoor loungers, these eclectic bed designs will surely add a unique touch to your otherwise ordinary bedroom decor.