The Lect-Utopia Bed is Designed to Offer Comfort for Every Activity

 - Aug 7, 2012
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I love that the Lect-Utopia bed supports your decision to stay in your sleeper all day long. It does this by delivering a versatility so that you can carry on with your projects and your pastimes all in the very same place.

Designer Sibila Bika Rebek Huemer conceived the ultimate piece of furniture, optimizing an object that is already one of the heaviest and most significant in one's home. A puzzle of eight mobile and modular elements can be organized into an endless variety of different adjacent and isolated arrangements that can accommodate two people overnight and several more during the day.

The pair of wide and wavy mattresses can be connected to form a double bed or separated to produce twins. The undulating plushy side strips of the Lect-Utopia bed make cushions, couches, coffee tables and storage systems for a complete living room set.