- Oct 1, 2009   Updated: Aug 3 2011
Ah, the world of dreams. Sometimes, dreaming means a blissful walk through a fantasy world you never want to leave; other times what you see behind closed eyes is so frightening, you try willing yourself to wake up.

From innovations that give you sweet dreams like dream-enhancing CDs to things that would appear in only the worst nightmaresâ€"Circus Nightmare Photography, for instanceâ€"this cluster is dedicated to the unavoidable and unknown land of dreams.

Implications - Consumers are fascinated by dreams because they're an escapist experience that's separate from their actual lives. As the demand for escapist products is high, corporations may benefit from releasing products and services that satiate this consumer demand.

Sleeptime Creations, from the Safe and Fantastical to the Fearful and Horrific: