OrangeDream Cyber MC

 - Apr 1, 2008
References: engadget
This is not a joke. Wanna quit smoking, lose weight or feel happier without doing any of the hard work? Korean company, OrangeDream promises you just that with a very interesting "brainwashing" system that supports a variety of modes including education, health, no smoking, meditation and more.

The brainwave management software 'Cyber MC' works with personal digital devices, it utilizes special sound frequency along with virtual glasses to get you on your best behavior.

Not much details has surfaced yet but here's an example of how it works. The virtual glasses radiate light through a monitor along with the special sounds. If you look at the graph below (left), the beta waves in pink color are seen in normally stressful situations. The picture below (right) shows the graph after using Cyber MC for three minutes. The beta waves decreased, whereas alpha waves were generated in a relaxed state.

According to the company the system will be available in April in Korea for about 50,000(KRW).