From Puppy Panties to Couture Canine Coats

 - Apr 2, 2010
If your dog is looking a little too frumpy, you might want to consult these doggie fashion features for some style ideas. Who wore it best, the labrador or the golden shepherd?

I have three dogs at home and I am ashamed to admit, my mom has dressed them up on several occasions. Their sweaters of shame were nothing compared to what you'll see in these doggie fashion features. You've been warned.

Implications - xx
Whether or not you have a mom similar to mine, I am confident that you will be smiling while clicking through these Doggie Fashion Features. Whether you're looking to give your pup a makeover with the wigs for dogs or whether you want to adorn your dog in an extravagant diamond jacket, this collection has high-end looks for pups.