Daschund Bag

 - Mar 20, 2008
References: dutchbydesign & trendsnow.net
If you're one of those people who think it's cute yet cruel to tote your dog under your arm like it's an accessory, then you'll appreciate the Daschund Bag.

The purse looks like a little wiener dog, is about the same of one too, and nestles nicely under your arm. This gives you the feeling of carrying a canine without the cruelty, or pet-ownership commitment, that comes with toting a real dog.

The leather bags, designed by Caroline Borger & Klaartje de Hartog, come in Brown, Black or Red leather. They have a zipper along the back, ensuring your precious pooch won't spill its guts; no one wants embarrassing items splaying out on the floor if, for whatever reason, you happen to drop your little wiener dog.

They're available for $125 at DutchbyDesign.