From Skewered Gelatinous Shots to Dessert-Inspired Drinking

 - Jul 21, 2012
Turn your home into a trendy nightclub with these expensive-looking DIY shooters. Forget about paying astronomical prices at some pretentious hot spot downtown and enjoy more booze for less courtesy of your kitchen. Your fellow party animals will be more than impressed when you slam down a line of sexy and sassy shooters for them to sample.

Be the hero of the party and carry a platter of these festive shots on your arm. No matter what soiree you have on the horizon, you'll be sure to find the perfect shot recipe for every occasion. From jiggling booze bombs to naughty s'more shooters, you'll have no problem getting a party started with these drunken recipes on hand.

Forget those coolers and make it a night no one can remember with these delicious and kind of evil DIY shooters.