Party Down with these Bizarre and Intriguing Banh Mi Jello Shots

 - Jul 19, 2012
References: myjelloamericans.blogspot
Get your drink on and liven up your tastebuds with these eyebrow-raising Banh Mi Jello Shots. Yes, these boozy gelatinous domes are inspired by the wildly popular vietnamese hoagie. The clever mixologists behind the blog 'My Jell-o Americans,' whipped these up as a drunken love letter to the beloved sandwich. Stopping just short of throwing in the bun, these jelly treats are flavored with lime, cilantro, jalapeño and coconut cream.

These are by far one of the most intriguing jelly shots you're liable to come across. A tasty cocktail of spicy, savory and sweet, these Banh Mi Jello Shots start off with jalapeño infused rum. To this alcoholic inferno coconut cream is an added layer of lime and cilantro sweetened with agave nectar on top.

Thai one on in a unique and tasty way with these sassy sandwich-inspired shots.