From Overweight Disney Princesses to Combative Princess Portraits

 - May 10, 2013
In the classic Disney films, princesses are portrayed as feminine, regal and beautiful. These Disney drawings, however, have other plans. Each set of illustrations re-imagines the traditional Disney princesses in a way that’s satirical and often shocking.

The combative princess portraits show the beloved characters with different weaponry, including nunchucks, ready to kick all kinds of princely butt. Realistic princess depictions’ steal each character out of fantasy and toss them right into reality. For instance, Ariel is seen lying lifeless in a hospital bed awaiting surgery to get her legs. The princesses are also drawn as real-life women, looking uncannily like people you’d see walking down the street.

Each of these Disney drawings is extremely creative, building off of Disney’s legacy to produce something truly different.