From Connected Store Shelves to Interactive Dressing Rooms

 - Jun 17, 2015
These digital retail innovations range from connected store shelves to interactive dressing rooms that are powered by technology. In addition to offering interactive fitting rooms, major department stores are also experimenting with visual merchandising and are enhancing traditional shelves and displays with the help of a digital component.

In addition to connected shoes displays -- that are backlit with a touchscreen -- and nail polish kiosks that feature an interactive design, this list also zones in on oversized touchscreen partitions that let shop visitors get creative artistically.

Other favorites include digital retail showrooms that marry business values with brand inspirations and storytelling skincare displays that can be adapted to sell a variety of different products. When it comes to retail's changing face, digital store displays and interactive fixtures mark the future of experiential shopping that intends to leave a lasting impression on today's consumer.