- Nov 29, 2011
These delicious donut inspirations cover innovations from furniture to artwork and everything in between. More than just the beloved food of Homer Simpson, the donut has permeated popular snacking culture and has won a strong foot hold. Inspiring ever more adventurous flavor combinations and decadent frosting designs, the donut is still a preferred sweet treat of choice.

Feast your eyes on these delicious donut inspirations and get an eye full of tantalizing inventions and adventurous dessert designs. Wear a sweet symbol of Americana around your neck decked out in sprinkles, or whip up your own personal batch of donut in your instant donut grill. As long as you’re not counting calories, there is plenty of room for decadent fun with this tasty dessert.

Sure to have you salivating in no time flat, these delicious donut designs are the perfect picture of decadence.

From Edible Arbor Adornments to Delectable Foodie Furnishings: