WTF Posters by Estudio Minga are Confusingly Cool

 - Apr 2, 2011
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Simplicity is beautiful; complexity is confusing. Cue in these minimalistic illustrations! These illustrations by Estudio Minga feature 'WTF' situations, and are fabulous because of their simplicity, their hilarity and their strangeness.

From a fat man running away from a gigantic sprinkled donut, a man with abnormally large scissors and a giraffe that isn't quite tall enough to reach the tree to an Aerial Tramway whose cables resemble a cardiac monitor, these 'WTF' posters make you wonder, what's the point? Well, perhaps there is no point to them, but that is the best part of this collection. They are the "bees' knees" and the "cat's pajamas" all rolled into absurd situational pieces of art. Maybe these pieces have a hidden meaning or maybe they are just meant to make you giggle -- take a look and decide for yourself.

These vibrantly colored 'WTF' prints are sure to make you laugh while simultaneously thinking, "WTF!"