- Jun 26, 2013
Starting off the day with a hearty meal is a great way to give you that much-needed energy boost, and if you aren't afraid to consume some calorie-bursting dishes in the morning, then these deep fried breakfast recipes will certainly have you full the entire day.

Deep fried foods are often the types of meals found at fairs and local carnivals, featuring a crunchy batter and sinfully delicious flavor that makes them a very popular dish amongst youths and adults. Consuming these fried dishes in the morning however, is definitely not something that health-conscious individuals will approve of, turning an ordinarily nutritious mealtime into a calorie-bursting experience.

From hybrid donut recipes to dessert breakfast sandwiches, these over-the-top deep fried recipes will turn your morning meal into something you'll definitely look forward to.

From Bacon Breakfast Cones to Fatty Fried Breakfasts: