From Exotic Dust Bowl Editorials to Prickly Fashion Pictorials

 - Jul 19, 2011
Summer just got a little bit hotter this year with these decadent desert shoots. From exotic maidens frolicking in the sand to dust-bowl drought spreads, these fashionable shoots will make all viewers appreciate their air conditioning.

Sand combined with fashion proves to be a great combination when it comes to selling off a certain look. Exoticism is the first thing that comes to mind when glancing through these seductive photos. What better way to sell a look than with sexual appeal? These decadent desert shoots demonstrate how the dunes are a great location for an enticing fashion shoot.

Implications - Many consumers are extremely busy with their everyday lives and rely on commodities to whisk them away to far off lands. Companies would be wise to create products with exotic elements to appeal to the stressed out consumer yearning for a vacation.