Photographer Aaron Feaver Captures Dust Bowl Sensuality

Aaron Feaver is the purveyor of an extremely popular photography blog entitled 'Feaverish Photography,' that often highlights the work of other up and coming shutterbugs, but Feaver's latest editorial shows what he is capable of behind the camera.

For this shoot, Aaron Feaver teams up with Shannon Roxanne from Q Models and the two take a trip the Salton Sea, a desert area about 90 minutes away from Palm Springs, Florida. Aaron Feaver captures Roxanne in her own clothing, a lengthy black dress which she alternates with a white button down shirt she matches with long black skirts.

Aaron Feaver's passion and inspiration for photography comes from a very personal place -- his girlfriend. "I’m constantly taking pictures of her," he told the Ben Trovato Blog. "And she always pushes me to be better, and I’m also inspired by my photographer friends who bust their asses for every job."

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