From Bold Brunch-Inspired Confections to Mini Holiday Meal Munchies

 - Jan 10, 2012
These over-the-top cupcake hybrids take the classic sugary indulgence to new heights of decadence. Cupcakes have become increasingly adventurous, sporting far more than the obligatory dollop of buttercream.There are a slew of creative and kooky cupcakes out there, but all artists need a little inspiration. Taking flavor profiles of other beloved dishes, innovative bakers have crafted an impressive collections of oddly delicious petite cakes.

From banana split-inspired cakes to egg-topped brunch-inspired stunners, these hip hybrid cupcakes are endlessly creative. Borrowing flavouring cues from both the sweet and savory worlds, these ideas are sure to astound and pleasantly confuse. Check your trepidation at the door and take a curious nibble off a Baby Back Rib Cupcake or throw caution into the wind and indulge in a devilish Honey Baked Ham Cupcake.

Creative, exciting and hopelessly enticing, these cupcake hybrids will always keep you guessing.