From Gum Sculptures to Mutant Art Monsters

 - Jul 14, 2009   Updated: May 2 2011
We've seen a lot of weird and unusual things on Trend Hunter, and this cluster is a collection of some of the creepy creatures we have seen.

From strange animal floor coverings to animal anomalies, these monsters are strange creations (Godly or man-made) that cannot be given a specific name, or be categorized in anything other than “creature.”

Implications - It's true that there are a few hybrid animals that exist, but none are quite as outrageous as what's seen here. The idea of combining two different animals as one continues to have artists coming up with the most bizarre creatures that'll never exist. Animal hybridization is definitely something the public finds interesting. These new species featured will give you a few ideas of some of the strange things that artists conjure up in their head.