Estelle Hanania Photographs Whimsical Creatures for 'Demoniac Babble'

 - Jun 11, 2009   Updated: Jun 22 2011
Estelle Hanania is a French photographer that invites you into her world of whimsical creatures made from the earth.

Her imaginative photographs depict a wide range of interesting themes and music, most notably perhaps her "Demoniac Babble" series. The series (which can be seen above in the gallery) shows grass and hay-like monsters roaming around the country.

These creatures look like something straight out of Harry Potter!

Implications - With the increasing amount of responsibilities in modern society, consumers are looking for ways to make a quick escape. Everyday products that feature a whimsical element are attractive to on-the-go customers who desire a way to forget their stresses. Companies could integrate an aspect of spontaneity into their items to increase their appeal.