From Prickly Alphabets to Teeth Tool Artworks

 - Nov 9, 2011
A humble splinter of wood designed to rid your teeth of the remnants of your lunch might not afford a lot of respect, but these tremendous toothpick innovations might make you rethink everything you thought you knew about this humble sliver of hardwood. From jewelry to furniture, the toothpick has proven it is capable of a million uses. Not just an object of hygiene anymore, toothpicks can be manipulated to make anything an artist's mind can conceive of.

Toothpicks themselves have been improved upon with a variety of alluring designs and tantalizingly strange flavors. For the times when mint flavor simply won't do, you can always reach for a pack of bacon flavored toothpicks. Clever carrying cases ensure that no matter where you are you can get rid of that pesky piece of spinach willfully ensnared between your teeth quickly and efficiently.

Sure to change the way you look at toothpicks, the tremendous toothpick innovations are endlessly entertaining.