Steven J. Backman Creates a Series of Terrific Toothpick Portraits

 - Mar 9, 2011
References: landmarksofsf & odditycentral
Steven J. Backman may be the only guy who uses toothpicks for anything other than getting salad out from in between your teeth. The talented San Francisco native has been making art with toothpicks since he was a child. After abandoning toothpick sculptures for a few years, he was reunited in University when he had to design a cable car with just toothpicks and glue. From then on, Steven J. Backman was on his way to developing the toothpick sculptures that get him in the headlines today.

Steven J. Backman started off creating scenery, buildings and objects, although his latest work takes to famous historical figures and talked-about celebrities. Using only toothpicks and glue, Steven J. Backman is able to create these one-of-a-kind sculptures that seem to include almost every little detail.