- Nov 26, 2011
These amazing pointillist art pieces require a steady hand and an appreciation for detail that doesn't detract from the big picture. Since the famed painter George Seurat developed the art form in 1886 pointillism has enjoyed a quiet level of popularity and has served as inspiration for countless contemporary artworks. Pointillism is achieved when thousands of little technicolor dots come together to form a cohesive image punctuated with realistic contours and shading.

Although, many accused Seurat's images of being somewhat stilted due to his use of this rather rigid art form, artists today have put this legendary technique to work creating vivid and lively interpretations of modern life. This collection of pointillist images and sculptures of everyday things, celebrities and video game icons ushers a new chapter in pointillism's progress.

Sure to catch more than a few eyes, these pointillist art pieces use a piece of art history to pave the road for the future of contemporary expression.

From Diva Dice Designs to Realistic Embroidered Portraits: