Creature Co-op Dolls (Pimp My Doll Art Exhibition)

 - Apr 7, 2006
References: creatureco-op
The Creature Co-Op Dolls best epitomize the creations found in the Pimp My Doll Exhibition list. You can buy any of them from Creature Co-Op Dolls for $26 - $45 which doesn't seem too high for designer dolls. Plus, they're cool!

Trend Hunter Game of the Week: Match the description to the dolls in the picture above:
- Lird: He thinks he's too cool for school. But he goes anyway. Cool.
- Klong has established a long and prestigious political career. He offers you his protection. Klong will protect you from mean people, bullies, and confusing documents. Vote Klong.
- Despite his ferocious appearance, Yeti is a shy and gentle beast. He would like to go home with you and have hot chocolate (the kind with mini marshmallows).
- Porco is sweet and shy. He loves eating and dreaming about ice cream. His hobbies are cuddling and napping in the sun. Sweet Porco. Love him.