From Voice-Driven Vehicles to Windowless Autos

 - May 19, 2011
Concept cars, by definition, are often unrealistic. They are usually developed as a showpiece for car shows and are used to measure the feelings of auto-enthusiasts on new technologies or the styling of vehicles. Despite the pragmatic use for concept cars, it seems that many are built for showing off new technology and garnering the car company attention rather than preparing consumers for the new wave of vehicles.

In this collection of some of the strangest (and perhaps coolest) concept cars, you'll see sun-powered concepts, voice-controlled cars and even an electrically powered, windowless concept car.

My personal favorite concept car is the Vacation Concept Car, which is charged by four electric motors that are charged by an on-board battery. It carries up to four people (and their surfboards), and seems perfect for a day at a the beach.