Ventile From Thierry Dumaine Uses Wind Energy to Provide Power

I cannot remember the last time I saw a concept car as crazy looking as Ventile from Thierry Dumaine. Of course, when I say crazy I mean it in the most endearing and complimentary way possible. Dumaine has designed a car that manages to mix new technology and old school styling into one complete (if odd looking) package.

You might have noticed the fans in the wheels of Ventile from Thierry Dumaine. The fans are designed to produce electricity that in turn powers Ventile's hybrid-electric motor. Besides featuring groundbreaking technology the Ventile also looks pretty damn cool. I'm loving the low profile, blue color scheme and body that looks as if it was lifted off of a 40s or 50s dragster. Check out the conceptual images of the Ventile from Thierry Dumaine here. Sometimes the future can't come fast enough.