The purEonic Concept Car is Designed for the Track

NASCAR, F1 and Indy fans need to take a good long look at the purEonic concept car as it could very well be the face of motorsports in the future. This futuristic concept car was designed by Henri Freiherr von Freyberg to go fast and be green.

The purEonic has four engines mounted in each wheel. The car's battery is split in half and is placed in both the front and back of the car to balance out the weight ration. The car's body would be made out of composite plastics, with chunks taken out in an effort to cut weight and increase speed. While I'm not quite sure if the racing world is ready for the purEonic concept car, the vehicle definitely seems like it would be right at home zipping around a NASCAR track in 2100. It won't be long before electric cars muscle their way onto the racing scene.