From Tablet-Embedded Desks to Tangle-Free Cable Organizers

 - Sep 18, 2011
For some, disorder is a way of life; but for others who appreciate organization, disorder becomes a hazard, which is why these clutter-reducing designs will give some a much needed breath of fresh air.

As much as IKEA has become a staple in urbanite (and suburbanite) home design, IKEA doesn't have a monopoly on storage design any longer. From tablet-embedded desks to tangle-free cable organizers, this list of clutter-reducing designs are filled with creative solutions that you didn't even know were possible.

Even though there was a global economic recession, consumers still seem to have more and more stuff. And of course, a never-ending flow of stuff is just another excuse to buy more stuff that will make it look like you have less. Essentially, that's what this collection of clutter-reducing designs is all about.