Bluelounge CableDrop Simplifies PC Wire Clutter

 - May 30, 2009
References: bluelounge & yankodesign
Technology of our generation is equipped with one inconvenient accessory that is so difficult to avoid. Yes, I mean wires.

From computers and phone/MP3 chargers to TVs, pretty much every piece of electronics produced in the pre-Bluetooth era has a twisty tangle-prone wire just waiting to cause a ruckus.

Cue the CableDrop Computer Cable Managers designed by Bluelounge. The little adhesive clam-looking devices simply stick to any surface and can fit a standard-sized wire (so don’t try your power saw cord) in its "mouth."

As simple as it is, the simplicity of the CableDrop along with the convenience it provides happens to be quite revolutionary (overexcitement?