Multi Table Allows for iPad Integration within the Work Surface

A boardroom full of laptop computers with fans whirring away and screens creating clutter amidst the conference table may not be the most efficient way to run a meeting. The Multi Table by Kogrodesign, however, suggests that the use of the Apple iPad would better suit the sorts of tasks one demands of office electronics under such circumstances.

It is expected then, that the company may provide tablets to its executives, for their shared use during seminars, presentations, workshops and discussions. As a way to protect these expensive devices from theft, spilt coffee and other possible damage, this collection of boardroom tables and desks is the ideal choice.

Made from either Melamini or Corian, such surfaces can be manufactured to take a number of sleek forms and arrangements. In addition, up to 16 iPad security inserts can be placed within the larger models of the Multi Table by Kogrodesign.