- Nov 17, 2008
Well before Britney Spears announced that her upcoming album would be entitled ‘Circus,’ the art of zany grand-scale performances were already in the midst of a massive revival.

At a time when modern family entertainment includes standing in lengthy theme park lines for two-minute adrenaline rushes, the circus and carnival scenes portrayed in Britney Spears’ album art seem so outdated. But with the worldwide popularity of elegant circus shows like Cirque du Soleil, grown-ups and kids alike are returning to the big top for their share of thrills.

Traditional associations with carnivals and circuses have also received their modern makeovers. Fairground mainstays like popcorn, hot dogs, Ferris wheels, cotton candy, and even fireworks have since been upgraded for modern tastes. Traditional clown makeup is here to stay, however, as Britney Spears’ album artwork proves.

Whether your circus fascination is all-consuming or just limited to Britney Spears’ new album, you’re sure to find all the carnival-related articles fit to print in this cluster.

From Clown Couture to Britney Spears' Album: