- Nov 2, 2008
The cuddly panda bear is often perceived as a sign of peace, but according to animal rights activists, China has primarily used the panda bear as a symbol to advance a political agenda. Wu Hung, the director of the Environment and Animal Society of Taiwan released scathing remarks that implore Chairman Chen Yunlin of China’s Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait to action.

Pop culture’s panda obsession stretches much farther than China, however. There are plushies and pornos, fecal studies and giant robots. Animal rights activists know how powerful images can be to raise awareness, and these ads certainly utilize shockvertising to its fullest potential.

Hung has proposed a three-part ‘gift’ to Chen Yunlin that includes investigative reports, reality sketches and a booklet on animal rights to help bring the suffering of China’s animals into sharp focus. Let’s hope Hung’s efforts don’t go unheralded and help improve the lives of animals in China.

From Protecting China's Pandas to Zoovertising: