Tugg Speedman is a Panda Celebrity

Tugg Speedman is Ben Stiller’s new action hero character from the upcoming movie Tropic Thunder.  Tugg has already been named Panda Celebrity of the Year by The Panda Relocation Foundation.

"No one has been more dedicated to helping the relocation of Pandas than our beloved Tugg Speedman." The foundation released in a statement. "His contribution to the organization has brought world wide awareness to moving these cute vegetarians to a more suitable land."

Stiller has been coming up with all sorts of unique and fun promotions for the movie, from the self-created ‘viral’ to the Rain of Madness documentary. 

Opening on August 15, Tropic Thunder tells the story of a group of actors shooting a big-budget war movie being forced to become the soldiers they are portraying.

Here’s the official trailer: