Kentucky Fried Cruelty

 - Feb 17, 2008
References: peta2
This makes you think twice before hitting up a KFC. PETA tried to run three Superbowl ads that are critical of fast-food chain KFC's (Kentucky Fried Cruelty) abuse of chickens, but Fox Channel turned down $4.2 million from PETA and sent the following statement: "As a general rule, time will not be sold on FBC network facilities for viewpoint or issue advocacy, and advertisers may not use their commercial time for addressing viewpoints or issues."

The three ads are entitled: Tortue Camp, Crack House, and Fried. They were directed by Scott Corbett for The Cricket Clubâ„¢ Advertising Agency, New York, USA. Watch the Fried ad video above and the other ads at PETA.