From Veggie Sugar Treats to Healthy Cheesy Snacks

 - Aug 20, 2013
As consumer culture collectively becomes more and more health-conscious with the food they put in their bodies, many companies are working to produce healthier children's food options targeted at younger generations to help them eat better. To do so, many brands are tailoring their packaging to be more appealing and interactive to catch the consumer eye of younger generations living on the go.

From cute cartooned beverages to pencil-shaped cheeses, food brands are making a huge effort to ensure that their healthier food products not only taste better, but also look more appealing than microwavable dishes. Marketing tactics from colorful designs, cartoon graphics to bold hues are collectively use in packaging to sell healthy children's food options as a better on-the-go alternative to processed foods. Because of this, healthy eating has increasingly become a way of life as well as a marketing strategy.