- Jan 12, 2015
A ton of exciting new products and in-progress inventions came out of this year's Consumer Electronics Show, but here are the top CES 2015 photography and videography technologies. Leaps and bounds have been made in this industry, particularly in home security systems and hi-tech personal devices.

We're seeing cameras doing all sorts of things, combining motion sensors, facial recognition and remote mobile video linked to your very doorbell. For handheld consumer gadgets, we're seeing DSLR cameras capable of shooting 1080p HD video and video cameras boasting 4K video. Exhibited too have been integrated CMOS sensors in action and combined NFC capabilities for easy device-to-device data sharing and direct links to social media. A compact smartphone flash for brilliant selfies and an image transfer hub were also getting quite the reception at CES 2015.

From 4K Camcorders to Selfie Flash Attachments: