- Oct 24, 2013
If you and your friends are looking for something to do but you don't want to go see another movie, casual cafes are a great place to relax and be social.

For people who aren't a fan of fine dining, many cafes offer delicious food at a more reasonable budget. The great aspect about coffee houses is they tend to be a lot more intimate than an bustling restaurant, making them a great place for catching up with old friends.

Eco-friendly people are becoming more recognized by the cafe community and their interests are being catered to. For example, the 'Le Repas' bistro in Brazil provides customers who ride their bikes to the cafe with free salads. Further, the Trash Cafe designed by students at the University of Newcastle is made out of upcycled cardboard, plastic bags and plastic water bottles.

To provide entertainment for guests in a casual setting, there are also cafes where people can play board games and have a great night out with friends.

From Cardboard Coffee Houses to Cozy Recycled Door Cafes: