- Jul 4, 2013
Magazine editorials and celebrity covers tend to showcase their models in the most glamorous and exclusive way, but these creatively candid fashion shoots are illustrating a wide variety of unexpected shots in order to connect with readers.

While fashion shoots often take place in certain luxurious settings with specific themes in mind, these candid fashion spreads are more about capturing models in more intimate and unusual settings, photographing them at moments you wouldn’t normally be able to see. From magazine covers featuring pop starlet Rihanna smoking a cigarette to shoots that showcase famous models getting their make-up done, these candid fashion spreads are offering readers a more behind-the-scenes and exclusive look at models and celebrities.

A great change from the more ordinary editorials, these candid fashion shoots are adding a much more sincere and relatable concept to these photographic captures.

From Candid Supermodel Captures to Bohemian Cowgirl Editorials: