From Shirts that Buy School Supplies to 1 for 1 Bags

 - Feb 14, 2012
We're constantly profiling social businesses that sell products to help further a cause, whether that's through a buy one, give one model, or a company that uses a portion of its product sales to help support a nonprofit.

In the slideshow, we've highlighted a collection of social businesses that provide opportunities for education. For some, that involves reaching children (or adults) at a local level, and for others, it involves supporting those in other countries by contributing to tuition, books and school supplies.

We've included everything from sandals made by young women in Uganda who are working for the few months between high school and university to earn enough money for their tuition, to one-for-one backpacks that help support children in California who can't afford the luxury of a new school bag, to t-shirts whose sales help educate children in the rainforest.