2012 CES Exhibitor 'Labdoo' Sends Laptops to Education-Starved Children

The 2012 CES Exhibitor 'Labdoo' has created a system that recycles old laptops and sends them to children who need education in the developing world. The program begins by tagging every laptop whose owner gives consent; once that laptop becomes unused by its owner, it’s sent somewhere where it gets cleaned up and installed with educational programs.

To get the laptop to developing countries without having to use extra CO2 emissions, Labdoo uses social media to arrange 'Dootrips.' Anyone can sign up for a Dootrip, which means that if a traveler has extra space in their luggage, they act as middlemen who personally deliver the tech piece to its destination. When the computer eventually stops functioning, it gets shipped to a recycling plant and the cycle of life is complete.

The 2012 CES Exhibitor Labdoo’s system is a bit complicated, but the idea of it is extremely economical and would bring education to developing countries. So if you have a laptop that is just sitting around collecting dust, check out Labdoo and get that computer to someone who could really use it.