- Nov 6, 2008
Brooke Smith is the latest celesbian to get media hype, and as we pointed out in an earlier article, deGaying Grey has been backed with a lot of controversy the same week Prop 8 was put forth.

Gay culture has been openly promoted for a long time, and has become accepted throughout most of North America, but gay pride parades and campaigns have generally centered around same-sex male relationships.

Interestingly, equal rights still seem to be an issue between men and women, even when it comes to the LGBT community. Unless they're "hot lesbians," women are still much more criticized for wanting to be in same-sex relationships, and rarely are they seen in the media.

That might be changing though. In 2008, lesbians quickly climbed the media radar.

The slideshow below highlights everything from western celesbians like Brooke Smith who stars as a lesbian doctor on Grey’s Anatomy to gay embracement in Bollywood.

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From Theme Songs to Brooke Smith's Celesbian Rejection: