From Boy Band-Approved Perfumes to Boy Band Lookbooks

 - Aug 21, 2013
Whether you were a Backstreet Boys fan in the 90s (and still are) or can't get enough of One Direction now, boy band crazes exist throughout time. While an older generation doesn't understand the obsession, tweens won't ever let this genre go out of style, as they'll continue to seem in a lovestruck daze whenever their favorite song plays on the radio.

Because of their popularity, boy bands are no longer just known for their music; their fame continues due to products inspired by their group. For example, What Makes You Beautiful-obsessed teenie boppers couldn't wait to get their hands on the line of One Direction makeup. The nail polish collection featured a picture of one of the five members and was named after their hit song 'Little Things.'

To counter the tweens, many people also create parodies to make fun of the stars. However, while these spoofs are made to poke fun, all they do is feed into the popularity of the singing heartthrobs.