From Bikinis to DIY Suits, These Shields Will Protect You from All Dangers

 - Jul 18, 2011
Even though humans have moved beyond the medieval times, they still can't escape the awesomeness that is body armors. Sure, the old heavy clunkers of the past aren't particularly useful in modern times, but they're still visually stunning to look at, and that's exactly why the fashion industry constantly crafts body armor-inspired accessories and apparel.

Perhaps the most impressive of these body armors are the DIY recreations of the Iron Man suit, which is pretty much the ideal armor that any modern front-line soldier could ever want.

Implications - Consumers are fascinated by the visual aesthetic of body armor as it evokes sensations of becoming more than just a human. It's a symbolic union of what is possible when humans augment their bodies through technology. Corporations can utilize the connotations of body armor to their advantage by incorporating body armor imagery into advertising campaigns.