‘Female Armor Sucks' Mocks Fantasy Genre Fanboys

 - Jun 30, 2011
References: collegehumor & fashionablygeek
If you’ve ever played a fantasy role-playing game, you’ll notice that the female characters and male characters dress in highly different protective gear, and that’s exactly what this College Humor ‘Female Armor Sucks’ video is poking fun at.

As standard practice in the gaming world, male game avatars are usually adorned in hulking armor which makes them much more intimidating to onlookers while female game avatars usually end up wearing skimpy, highly un-functional gear that’s meant to titillate the eyes more so than to offer any plausible protection. Long story short, and as the title of this video suggests, ‘Female Armor Sucks.’ Well, for females anyways.

Implications - Sexualized objectification is now being frowned upon by consumers as North American society moves towards a more egalitarian mode of social equality. Corporations looking to convey themselves as progressive and forward-thinking should utilize politically correct advertising campaigns.