From Anatomical Cupcakes to Bloody Zombie Portraiture

 - Aug 29, 2012
For one reason or another, public perception of what a zombie does seems to be solely limited to what is depicted in this collection of bloodthirsty brain-eating creations.

The zombie is a simple and fictional comic book staple whose actual character has rarely been explored. The character portraits of the undead are one-dimensional, extending only as far as illustrating a mechanical outstretched-arms-and-stiff-leg lurch, deep and prolonged groan and green tinted skin. The characteristic blood-stained mouth betray the common living dead hobby of brain eating, a sight that artists favor depicting.

What’s happening behind these depictions is probably a mixture of fascination with the horrifying nature of cannibalism as well as a lazy approach in developing personas who, at best, end up as filler characters.