From Barren Bedrooms to Hipster Hideouts, These Rooms are Photogenic

 - Jul 10, 2011
In the highly sexualized world of fashion photography, there are many gimmicks a photog can use to draw in both fashion conscious viewers and oglers, but few are more effective than intimate bedroom shoots.

In this collection of slightly seedy but fully sexy bedroom shoots, we see editorials that highlight the bedrooms of hipsters, models who have perfected a deft blend of wholesome and sensual, and stunning redheads in lingerie so fiery they could start a riot.

Implications - One of the most effective ways a company can generate immediate brand interest is by investing in advertising that can be deemed sexually charged. By investing in ads that are controversial and eye-catching, the company stands a good chance of drawing interest from consumers, critics of the ad's sexual content, and a dispute exploiting media. All three of these components are integral for a company trying to increase brand interest.