From Intricately Studded Stilettos to Sparkling Motorcycle Boots

 - Feb 26, 2013
Shoes are a great way to show off some of your eclectic personality, and if you're in the mood to make a big splash with your outfit, then these beautifully bedazzled footwear designs are just the thing to make your ensemble completely over-the-top.

Whether you're bedazzling your shoes or outfit, it requires that you put as much bling and splash as it can handle, the more outlandish and eye-catching it is the better! These sparkly and crystal-accented footwear designs are some great examples of shoes that you can be proud to wear during a night out on the town or even down the runway. From stilettos that are intricately decked out in studs, to Jazz shoes that are completely covered in sparkles, these extremely eccentric shoe designs will definitely make a statement with their bold and colorfully blatant patterns.